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Past Online Issues

• Volume 12, Issue 2, Spring 2007

– Women-Owned Natural
      Dye Businesses
– International Natural Dye
– Nature's Gallery:
      Frank Connet
      Jane Hoffman

• Volume 13, Issue 1, Fall 2007

– An Antipodean Alchemy:
     The Eucalypt Dyes
– The Plant Craft Cottage,
– A Manifestation of Color:
     Cochineal in Peru
– A Journey in Guatemala
– The Silk Threads of Khiva
– A New Approach to an
     Ancient Art (Bastar, India)
– Nature's Gallery:
      Musa Kazim Basaran
      Student Work

• Volume 13, Issue 2, Spring 2008

– Painting with Indigo
– Falling Leaf Shibori
– Fresh-Leaf Indigo Dyeing
– Book Review:
   Dominique Cardon
    Natural Dyes: Sources,
    Tradition, Technology
    and Science

– Nature's Gallery:
   Tanya Vaidya
– Events:   Blue

• Volume 14, Issue 1, Fall 2008

– Miriam C. Rice and
    Mushrooms for Color
– HGA's Certificate of
    Excellence in Dyeing
– A Day of Dyeing With
    Plants in North Sweden
– Book Review: India Flint
    Eco colour: botanical dyes for
     beautiful textiles
– Nature's Gallery:
   Miriam Rice and Others

• Volume 14, Issue 2, Spring 2009

– A Scottish Colour Kitchen
– Contact Dyeing
– Earth's Palette: Natural
   Colors for Fiber
– How Natural is Natural?
   Notes from ISEND 2008
– International Shibori
   Symposium 2008
– Returning To Art
– Book Review:
   Judith H. Hofenk de
   Graaff, The Colourful
   Past: Origins, Chemistry
   and Identification of
   Natural Dyestuffs

– Nature's Gallery:
   Diana Maher and
   Patricia MacIndoe

• Volume 15, Issue 1, Fall 2009

– Los Colores ... In Taos!
– Introduction to Common
    New Mexico Dye Lichens
– Dyeing with Fresh Leaf
    Indigo ... continued
– Close Call: Saving
    Japanese Indigo
– Nature's Gallery:
   Jaime Skolfield

• Volume 15, Issue 2, Spring 2010

– How to Mordant Cotton–let
    me count the ways
– Tinctoria Gardens
– Thoughts on Local Colors
    and Pigments
– First production natural dye
    house, Noon Design Studio
– Upcoming
    Natural Dye Conferences
– Nature's Gallery:
    Akemi Nakano Cohn,
    Judilee Fitzhugh
    and their students

• Volume 16, Issue 1, Fall 2010

– Earth's Palette
– 14th International Fungi
    & Fibre Symposium 2010
– Global Color at the 2010
    Textile Society of America
– India Who?
– Maiwa Handprints'
    Natural Dye Workshop
– Japanese Kyoukechi Dyeing
– Resurgence of Natural Dyes
    in the Cusco Region of Peru
– Printing with Modifiers
    and Mordants
– Letters From Miriam:
    Miriam C. Rice (1918-2010)

• Volume 16, Issue 2, Spring 2011

– Annatto: A Scarf and a Study
– IndiGrowing Blue at
    Indiana University
– Notes from Tinctoria

• Volume 17, Issue 1, Fall 2011

– Bogolan Fini from Mali,
    Africa/Modified Mud Cloth
    from Ohio, US
– Dorozome: Japanese Mud
– Kinsa Q'uchu: A Substantive
    Peruvian Dye
– The Tall Grass Dyepot
– The School of Naval
– A Global Convergence on the
    Coast of France: ISEND 2011

• Volume 17, Issue 2, Spring 2012

– Adventures with Lichen Dyes
– An antipodean dyer at
    ISEND 2011, La Rochelle,
– DVD Review: Natural Dye
    Workshop with Michel
– On the natural dye trail:
    a few days in Luang Prabang,

• Volume 18, Issue 1, Spring 2013

– Indigofera australis
– Yellow
– Natures Gallery:
    Shelly Jyoti and Laura Kina

• Volume 18, Issue 2, Winter 2014

– Book Review: Colouring the

– Dyeing to Weave
– Shilasdair Yarns
– A History of Duk
– Colours in Laos
– Eco Printing with Native

• Volume 19, Issue 1, Fall 2014

– Mordanting Cotton and
– Chromatopia from Collected
– Color Inside Out:
    Art Meets Science through
    Natural Dyes

• Volume 19, Issue 2, Spring 2015

– Early Spring Dyeing and Healing
    with Goat Willow
– My Affair with Indigo
– Book Review: Dyeing with Fresh-Leaf
    Indigo with John Marshall

• Volume 20, Issue 1, Fall 2015

– Ajrakh: Invoking History And
    Celebrating The Subaltern
– Brick Red with Morinda:
    A Dyeing Adventure in a
    Thai-Karen Community
– The Acorn Chronicles

• Volume 20, Issue 2, Spring 2016

– Production Dyeing with a
    Miele Wet Cleaning Machine
– Art at the Edge of Chaos:
    Shibori and Indigo

• Volume 21, Issue 1, Fall 2016

– The Dyer Botanist's Corner
– Growing a Dye Garden
– Landscape Paintings
     with Natural Dyes

• Volume 21, Issue 2, Spring 2017

– Indigo Renaissance
– Dyeing with Ethel Mairet
   in Navasota, Texas
– A Felted Journey with
   Botanical Colours

• Volume 22, Issue 1, Fall 2017

– Cochineal of the Canary Islands: In and Behind the Scenes
– Dyes for Samoan Siapo with a focus on ʻOʻa

• Volume 22, Issue 2, Spring 2018

– Canterbury Colours
– Art and Dye

• Volume 23, Issue 1, Fall 2018

– Book Review: John Marshall,
   Singing the Blues
– Beware the Interloper!
– How Colorfast is Fresh-Leaf
– About "Tinctoria"
– Dye Terminology: Pigments
   and Dyes
– Miranda Bennett Studio and
   New Leaf Agriculture:
   A Partnership Grows!