Volume 14 Issue 2 A Journal Dedicated to Natural Dyes Spring 2009

Earth's Palette: Natural Colors for Fiber
A Natural Color Conference for Fiber and Fabric
By Liesel Orend

The Mountain and Valley Wool Association (MAVWA) is sponsoring a natural color conference in Taos, New Mexico this September 26-28, 2009. We are excited to gather those from diverse backgrounds who share an interest in creating colors from nature. The conference will include presentations by natural dye and color experts, forums, mini-workshops and a vendor area. Local galleries will host exhibits related to natural color fiber arts, ranging from historical use to modern expression. There will be pre- and post-conference workshops with John Marshall, Michelle Wipplinger, Lisa Klakulak, Liesel Orend and others, representing a wide range of techniques and art forms.

Naturally dyed color wheel of Navajo-churro wool by Liesel Orend
Naturally dyed color wheel of Navajo-churro wool
Photograph Copyright by Liesel Orend

The last large-scale natural color conference in the United States was held in 2002. This group is ready to come together again to advance the education and art of natural color, promote networking, renew contacts and build community! Taos, New Mexico is a beautiful location with a historical connection to both art and nature. The conference will be held the weekend before the Taos Wool Festival, a renowned event in its 26th year, also sponsored by MAVWA, which draws upwards of 3500 visitors. It features over 68 juried vendor booths on October 3-4 with pre- and post-festival workshops on weaving, knitting, felting, spinning, dyeing, and more. These two separate events will flow beautifully from one to the other, offering something for color and fiber enthusiasts of all kinds.

For more information about the Earth's Palette: Natural Colors for Fiber and Fabric conference, visit our web page: www.taoswoolfestival.org, and look for the link to Earth's Palette. We expect to begin registration in mid-April.

To learn more about presenting at Earth's Palette, contact Liesel Orend, lieselo@newmexico.com, 505-753-9744. For vendor information, contact Coralie Silvey Jones, csj@taosnet.com, 575-758-9465.